Our School

We offer:

1] Certificate Program (Ministry/Counseling) - 30 Units=

2] Associate of Ministry {same as Certificate} - 60Units=

3] Bachelor of Christian Ministry/Counseling -Associate + 60 = 120 Units

4] Master/Doctorate degrees in, Theological Studies, Bible,Worship and Ministry

FallSemester beginsSeptember 2014 - Courses and dates are as follows:
1] September -Thursday evenings 7 P.M.-9 P.M.

2] September -Saturday mornings 10 AM - 12 Noon

Call or write for a catalogue.

We offer our students the option of a World-Class Christian Higher Education without having to leave home and move to some distant city; without having to leave their job or family. We not only train students for pulpit ministry but also for ministry among their peers, on their job and on the street.

We want to see men and women equipped to take the gospel into the halls of justice, and into the marketplace. Wherever people are hurting, MSOM will train our students to take the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ to them. To do this we offer such courses as Belief Therapy; The Psychology of Counseling; Change your Beliefs - Change your Life; Nouthetic Counseling I & II; Revelation; Ephesians; Galatians; I & II Corinthians; Acts; Genesis; Old Testament; New Testament; Living the Faith; Leading wth Integrity; Moral Excellence;Battlefield of the Mind; The Anointing and You; Keys to Your Abundance; How to Heal the Sick,and much more...

Our students may apply tobecome licensed with the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America as a "Lay Pastoral Counselor" once they have completed the corecounseling courses that we offer. Pastors may become certified as 'Certified Pastoral Counsellors.

Our courses are reasonably priced and we do not discriminate on the basis on race, color or creed.

MSOM is an affiliate school of The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America.

Montreal School of Ministry has a working relationshipwith Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, Maryland;the Church of God, Cleveland, TNhas given MSOM level I certification [2010]for which we give God all the praise and thanks.

MSOM is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Christian Educational Institutions. This is not a governmental accreditation but rather, a Christian Accreditation Commission with more than 200 schools accredited. MSOM must report on a yearly basis to this body to maintain its accreditation status and is not permitted to teach secular subjects. If we fail in these vital areas we will lose our accreditation.

If a student is looking to obtain a position with a secular body, we recommend that the student do proper research prior to enrolling with MSOM and spending time and money in completing studies with us. In any case, we cannot assure any student that their studies with MSOM will grant them a position with another body - Christian or secular - for each has its own set of criteria for the hiring of staff.

What we can assure the student of is that he/she will receive one of the finest Christian education's in the world.

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