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MSOM is fully accredited with theWorld-Wide Accreditation Commission for Christian Educational Institutions. Thisis a NON-GOVERNMENTAL accreditation Commission with more than 200 schools acredited around the world. This type of acreditation does not guarantee that a student's work will be accepted at another institution of higher learning but it does let the student know that education gained at MSOM is kept at a high level in comparison with other schools of this type.

  • MSOM is an affiliate school of The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America. In the summer of 2012 MSOM received the certificate from the EOCPC which now permits our students work to be accepted and our students may receive their degree in Counseling or Theology for the Associate to the Doctorate level through California State Christian University.

  • The President of MSOM has signed a working relationship with Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, MD so that work done at MSOM will now be accepted by Chesapeake Bible Collegeand the students of MSOMmay work towards a degree granted by Chesapeake Bible College.

  • MSOM also has a good relationship with the Church of God, Cleveland, TN and offers five of their courses from the CIMS (Certificate in Ministerial Studies) program. We may adopt more of those Church of God courses in the future.

"Most of our courses are quite intensive and areuniversity level studies."

By virtue of our connection with the above institutions, MSOM has access to about 300 courses, for which we give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have several courses in our counseling track. MSOM teaches numerous courses in Bible, Theology, Practical Theology, and so forth.

MSOMis registered as aministry training centrewith Revenue Canada Charities Division in Ottawa, Canada. As such, students who study with us receive receipts that they can claim on their income tax each year.


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